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Greenrock is a private investment management firm founded in 2008 and based in mid-town Toronto. Our mission is to compound investor capital at attractive rates of return using a longer-term time horizon. Greenrock manages money for a select group of experienced investors and high net worth individuals. Our approach to investing has been defined by our collective capital markets experience over many decades and market cycles, in both public and private companies. We look for opportunities where we can leverage our professional network and apply our capacity for independent thinking. Greenrock’s four principals maintain operational oversight and ownership of the firm, as well as representing a significant portion of the total assets under management.


At Greenrock, we believe in a common sense approach to investing. We prefer to invest our capital in proven business models, alongside well-aligned management teams. Our view on managing risk stems from a fundamental research process whereby we seek to gain a deep understanding of each individual investment. Valuation is our primary focus and underpins every one of our investment decisions. We rely on our own independent analysis with a focus on real asset values and free cash flow. Greenrock was built with the idea of maintaining a structural advantage over passive investment strategies and more traditional asset managers. We want to be nimble and flexible enough to pursue absolute returns across a wide range of securities, sectors, market caps and geographies. Our focus is on the preservation of capital and the prudent generation of investment returns.


Greenrock Capital Partners Inc.
78 Scollard Street
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1G2
Tel: 416-944-2700


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